local shopping list

why another grocery list ? I know there are a lot of apps to keep your grocery list, but for all that I found you need to set up an account and the list is stored on a server. and some are even making suggestions what else you might want to buy depending on what you wrote already on the list. That annoyed me so much that I decide to write a simple form that stores the entered data ONLY on the local device, so that you still have the same list after opening the page again. if the page is shown from the browser cache, it works offline as well. Also I wanted a feature that I can keep my grocery list from last week, because most items are reoccuring.


Adding a new item is done by writing it in the text box on the bottom and the to press the button 'add line' next to it. To delete a line again press the X button in the beginning of the item's row. The checkbox 'keep' in the beginning shall be selected when the item is probably bought regularly during the weekly grocery. because then it stays on the list even when the list is reset.
The 'reset List' (that I do before shoping to the super market.) removes all items that I had tagged as 'Got it' and that are not mark as 'keep' for the next shopping. Also all the 'got it' marks are remove. So after reseting I go through my fridge & pantry and tick of what I got already. If the '... Hide it 'checkbox is tagged then everything disappears what is tagged as 'got it'. I have got then on the list all the items that I still need to buy.

Obviously during the shopping I tick it of when I 'got it'.

editing the list

beside deleting an item it is also posssible to change the name of the item as it is just written in the textbox. the order of the items can be changed when the check box 'allow sorting' is checked. Then there are at the end of each row arrow buttons that allow to move a line up or down. The button 'delete all' removes all rows from the list and the local storage. That happens also when 'cookies and other website data for the website kielack.de are being deleted.
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