Games programmed by Armin Kielack

Over years I have programmed quite a bit of different programmes on different systems.

First I had developed game in September of 1989 on a KC87 in BASIC a marble solitaire.

In January 1990 I have ported that program to a C64 . I had also developed on the C64 in Basic a puzzle game named dacapo and a game named mushrooms (because the palyer races across a green meadow and collects mushrooms for points and has to avoid poisonous mushrooms) I had written these C64 games in Basic and assembler.

Marble solitaire had then been ported in 1995 to Javascript so that it could be played in a browser (Netscape and Internet explorer) directly on one webpage without downloading an java applet. Dacapo had been later ported from C64 Basic to javascript as well and developed into a single player and a two player named sznill.

Also a lot of other javascript browser games accumulated over the years for playing it in a browser on a desktop on

In 1999 WebTV user approchaed me whether I could develop games for them because WebTV/MSNTV boxes allow to surf the web, but did not include games. Also this set-top-boxes did not support java or flash. So most of the browser games I had rewritten then to work on a WebTV boxes. I developed several games for that platform even games where other had said that it could not be done for the webtv like Mahjong in 1999 .

Some of these javascript browser games had been so successful that these had also been published by other commercial websites.

One of my favourite games oasis, , I had ported then also to java so that I could install it on my palm IIIc Later on I ported it also to a mobile phone specific java (J2ME) so that the resulting oasisc55.jar could be installed on a siemens c55 (back then the phone had no internet browser and there had been no app store.) . I have created also separate sites of free browser games for the iPad1 and Nintendo 3DS. The site for Nintendo3DS is actually the website with the largest collection of web browser games optimized for the Nintendo3ds I had even developed games for the wii but only two since there are already quite a lot of flash games that can be played on the WII as well. Sznill for two players and a isometric sokoban with user generated levels.

last but not least I have programmed in Excel VB Script not only business programms but also a few games minesweeper, a pyramid card solitaire, a osmosis (treasure trove), candy dots (a color sorting game ) and a classic card solitaire

Non Games stuff

Besides working on java projects while working as a IT Consultant for Topjects AG/Goetzfried AG, i had also worked on other projects. I had written several shell scripts for automatic deployment or monitoring. One shell script had been even a shell script for event-driven process automation. (edpas)

2003/2004 I had worked for Ciboteam on adapting a tool written in php for supporting Process Consultants

2010/2011 I had also developed For Magna Steyr AG a Visual Basic Script for automating the reporting of Changing requirements.

2018 I wrote an Excel macro to automatically draw a flow chart of a production process based only on an unordered list of defined interdependencies between working steps and used components.

2020 I have create a grocery shopping list (user guide) that does not store the data on any other server but only on the local device.



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